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    Faq forgotten world
    The general

    For nearby watch Keepers And Guards, you can always address to them for the help and with any question.

    If not to be pleasant to you your character you have a chance to null it and to beginfor this purpose press button "null"

    If you have found a bug, write about it at a forum, in section "bugs"

    Necessarily read all sections FAQThen at you many questions on game

    Will disappear if you can help the project, write about it at a forum, in section "the help to the project"

    Necessarily read section Of rule, ignorance of the law does not relieve from you responsibility

    If writes "is not defined id the user", from you long did not arrive inquiries and you has thrown out from game, simply come into game


    The forgotten world -step-by-step, online game. at registration you choose to yourselves the hero with whom you should take place a long way of battles.

    First of all it is necessary to pay attention to a class, race, and also on parametres of the hero. about all it is possible to read in sections.

    The interface:

    The top menu
    This main window of the character. it is divided into 4 parts: things and an image of the character, the generalskills of possession, modifiers. (read in sections Character Parameters)
    Here there are all your undressed things more in detail, the stock weight depends on quantity of things, the maximum weight - at most
    Of spell
    Are above shown quantity at each circle of magic. in the middle all learnt spells. below - which are imposed at present.
    Of ability
    Unique abilities of characters. the dealer has a trade from 1 level, at druids a call of animals. (read in section Of ability)
    Additional stock in which there are things which cannot be dressed in more in detail. in this stock there are such things as, rolls, potions etc.


    Average menu
    Here it is possible to read the latest news about innovations in forgotten world
    A dialogue place, here it is possible to leave messages, to discuss game, to tell your wishes.
    All subjects which are used in the forgotten world are shown, specified themat some is big 3d the image.
    Here you can adjust a chat and change the password.
    Allows to adjust the additional information which is displayed in character
    Deduces you on the main page of a site.


    Funktsianalnoe of menu
    To update windows
    Updates the screen, also it is possible to press f5.
    Opens a window of the character where you can adjust parametres, stock, spells of the character.
    Opens a window of a choice of fight where you can create or accept already created battle.
    Allows you to leave surrounding district (city) where there are all buildings, such as, shop, a temple, a teleport etc.
    District map
    Opens window faq where you can read all about game forgotten world


    The menu of chat
    Opens a window of smiles, having clicked on a smile it it is possible to insert message
    Into message
    Allows to write the message to any character if the character is not present at present in the forgotten world the message will be received at the first calling in game
    Of igonr
    Allows to adjust a chat so that not to accept the message of some characters
    To clear
    Clears a chat of all messages
    The button of the information of the character, having pressed on is possible to receive the information on other character


    Here it is possible to drink and play in games
    Guild of magicians
    . a building for magicians. in guild of magicians it is possible to use special class skills, also there you can enter guild of magicians and buy some things, such as rolls, rings amulets, books, potions.
    Is intended for instant moving to other place.
    Here it is possible to buy the weapon and ammunition
    To be on repair
    The guild of soldiers
    a building for soldiers and barbarians. in guild of soldiers it is possible to use special skills for the given classes, also, there you can enter guild of soldiers
    Trading numbers
    Of sdes we can sell and buy things
    The statue of heroes
    Shows 100 best characters on a rating of victories/defeats



    Всё самое необычное и интересное в мире, интересное на портале в москве

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